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decision making something are lies with front of are these it was this you're making so we can get over of the fact of where the bar called think or any of those factors through the impeded the condition of the projects because i think when i got the funds are they do exist with it or not in our particular drinking water and a father i know that said you should do exist and he said please upon the council of ministers i can use of them the day before reason i did. take some decisions regarding the presentation of these measures of these projects are things we need not only to take the decision we should do or care for the government in the garage and that we have exaggeration of these decisions and needs to provide the resources and the support of vision that exhibit region from the highest of that in the right but one of one of the supreme ironies of the situation of course is that
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and the cities in this part of the country are among the most oil rich parts of iraq can't they. would you be for pat i mean what you do have more of a say in terms of the power in the country would you be prepared to to look to look at maybe reallocating the spoils of the of the wealth from the oil in a more regional basis i mean that's something that the people of basra are articulating on a regular basis. to tell you the third i think that i have the problem of funds already there is a system of on location of funds. and where the people are bustling saying even the spawn do a lot of look at the and have looked to the east and have not read it would be released they didn't reach about slots or fall out ok funds we the existing funds or the lock in falls did not reach must also this one issue when part of the second
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problem is the only problem i found the problem of management to say and mr ation and this is the failure on both sides now is the failure of the federal government side and these are all of those all for fadia on the local government side we. know now that the successive local administrations have failed in that and implementing an executive in whatever project necessary projects one of the major problems now in basra we have the failing the competent the infrastructure where this huge system where the or would think you were the distribution system and so on and these are basic infrastructure issues problems and nothing has been done all the while gives rise about them and one of the problems. so we have the decision making within the government council and with that with the government we have a problem because of the inner conflict between the different parties in the
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present and in the governing council right riot fuck me thank you very much indeed for taking the time still to say at al-jazeera thank you. so how come here of al-jazeera kim jong un says he'll meet south korea's president within weeks. pregnant range of women in bangladesh getting medical care some of them for the first time. hello there for the northern parts of japan we've been wrought by an earthquake and that's caused quite a few problems particularly with landslides that's what this video is showing all the mud dead slid down that mountainside and has landed on people's homes and aunts and villages as well so causing quite a few problems that and there's more problems from the weather to follow because we
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are going to see some heavy rain over the next few days here's the system at the moment not a great deal of cloud to it but for some of us in honshu and across into key issue we're seeing a fair few showers at the moment those are going to turn heavy a as we head through the day on friday and then also link with the other system towards the north and all works its way eastward so most of us across japan in the mainland to will see some very heavy downpours as we head through the day on saturday to the west generally drier brighter and not too hot to the moment sold at twenty six degrees and force in beijing will be at twenty eight a bit further towards the south and for some of us here there is quite a few showers at the moment expect some in shanghai and they spread all the way down to towards the northern parts of vietnam this gradually retreat southwards as we head through saturday and to the north there will be more in the way of drawing weather looks like it should be but drawing for shanghai as well all temperatures at twenty eight.
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deported from the u.k. and indoctrinated by somalia i was unsure about how kind of a young man this illusion pipeline we've built as large as a mixed race going to make a big mistake here. is from africa's no not call me at all for my kids last warrior a witness documentary on a jersey you can't say. take a look at the top stories here about zero france's military chief says his country
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is prepared to strike syria if the damascus government uses chemical weapons the syrian government and its allies are widely expected to launch an offensive to retake rebel held province in the coming days the french armed forces chief of francois was speaking to reporters in paris. white workers of a south african petrochemical firm are on strike around three thousand employees it subtle sickened a planter on happy that blackwell because of exclusively being offered company shares south african law requires firms to meet craters on black ownership and employment. approaches has been held in the yemeni city of ties ahead of friday's un led peace talks to end the country's three year wall the protests as are edging the warring parties in the geneva meeting to address the plight of thais residents who have been living under siege for years friday's talks are the first between yemen's government and toothy rebels since twenty sixteen the meeting was postponed
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by a day but the u.n. special. says he's confident it will go ahead as planned. a number of people are missing after a powerful earthquakes earthquake struck the northern japanese island of hokkaido the six point seven magnitude quake has calls widespread devastation at least thirty people if it dead harris for reports. a desperate search for the missing after a powerful earthquake hits northern japan in the early hours of the morning damaging towns and cutting power to millions across the island three reactors at the tamara nuclear plant were running on backup generators landslides were triggered in dense forests on the mountainside of the rural town of a tsunami covering homes a relief and rescue command center has been set up. i've heard reports such as people having cardiac arrest landslides collapsed buildings and large scale blackouts saving people's lives is
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a priority while the government deals with the disaster relief we will deal with this crisis made by. the governments deployed thousands of troops to help with the rescue operation the quake also shut down all transportation services including the airport and hokkaido telephone lines and mobiles are down it's been a difficult week for japan on tuesday typhoon jobi the most powerful to hit japan in twenty five years killed at least ten people the largest airport had to be evacuated in the wake of the storm and millions lost power in various cities now people are left to deal with another natural disaster japan sits on the ring of fire volcanoes and oceanic trenches experiencing around twenty percent of the world's up quakes of magnitude six and higher japan's very well prepared for natural disasters you may have noticed that we've had quite a few lately and that's not terribly unusual for japan it's
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a natural disaster cunt. but at the same time there's not much preparation you can do when a mountain collapses on to homes so clearly they're going to need to bring out equipment that can bury the houses and that's going to take time so it's probably going to be quite a bit of time before we know exactly how many people died in those landslides and as the people affected wait to hear about their loved ones there are fears of aftershocks or even another serious earthquake that seismologists warn could strike at any time she hears i've got food al-jazeera. south sudanese soldiers have been sentenced to prison for the rape of five aid workers and the murder of a journalist in twenty sixteen a military court handed down the sentences ranging from four years to life for an attack on the terrain hotel in the capital juba the government will also pay compensation to the victims the case was widely seen as a test of will by the government of president salva kiir to bring accountability to
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the military. north korea's leader has told south korean diplomats he has faith in donald trump and wants to get rid of nuclear weapons before his first term ends at a meeting in pyongyang kim jong il and also agreed to a third summit with south korea's president later this month the u.s. secretary of state canceled a visit to the north last month after president trunk complained of lack of progress on denuclearization macwrite has more from the south korean capital seoul . news that this into korean summit will take place had been expected nonetheless confirmation of it has come as something of a relief given the state of stored relations between pyongyang and washington south korea's security chief. has been briefing the blue house the presidential office here in seoul and also the media the event will take place in pyongyang between the eighteenth and the twentieth of september is also reported that north korea remains
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very much committed to the whole process for the denuclearization on the long term peace of the korean peninsula state run television in north korea has been showing the meeting between kim jong un and the south korean delegation it has all been smiles and handshakes it is also being confirmed that the south korean delegation has been given a personal message from kim jong un to convey to the americans and to president donald trump presumably this is a message of goodwill expressing that north korea is still very much wanting to continue the dialogue of peace can continue the dialogue with washington but chong did also expressed the view that kim jong un is feeling a sense of frustration that according to kim it has been north korea that has made a lot of the concessions such as the dismantling of some of its nuclear testing
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sites and that the international community and for that you can read the united states has not reciprocated in kind. set to make a serious or spending cuts in an effort to stabilize the country spiralling currency crisis after the pass a loss more than half its value this year the government announced plans to slash half of its ministries one of those affected is the ministry of health today as a bird is in by their side is where hundreds of doctors nurses and other health workers have been demonstrating in the capital. doctors nurses and health workers gathered outside the health ministry went outside of us to protest against the government's decision to reduce this ministry into a smaller department with a smaller budget i said i was going to meet and you know if. the government wants to dissolve the health ministry and it's a risk which is not only a change in name but also a budget cut in the amount of workers and in the programs that depend on the ministry. a message for the government of haiti who is pushing austerity
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measures to reduce the fiscal deficit that has put argentina's economy on the line these people fear that the government measures will have a direct impact on public health which in argentina is a universal right they also say that budget battle between the right crucial health programs like those treating people with hiv be at a regular basis. is proud of argentina's health care system he has a hiv and has always been able to receive free treatment for his disease every month he comes to this hospital to get free medication. they recently finally i'm being tested negative and they treat me in this hospital and as for free we don't want anyone to change that we've already started gathering signatures so they don't close this hospital and we don't lose access to the medicine we get. the health ministry plays a crucial role in a country with large levels of inequality and high poverty rates forty medical
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associations have requested a governmental reverse its decision saying that vaccination plans and the treatment of chronic diseases shouldn't be affected by the ongoing economic crisis. and the health center in argentina has problems even as a ministry what worries us is that these messages of us territory that argentina's showing do not have a human rights agenda any public policy needs to have human rights at its core. in spite of the problems argentina has long prided itself of being able to provide free and universal health care that's why people here claim that health costs are the one issue the government of. shouldn't dare touch. the u.s. and india has signed k. deals on military cooperation u.s. secretary of state mike pump. in the defense secretary james mattis met their
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indian counterparts in new delhi their greed on joint military drills and is that this rant of a defense hotline mr pompei who indicated that the u.s. would not penalize india for buying a weapons system from russia he said talks to dissuade india from buying iranian oil or continue. pregnant women are among thousands of range of refugees who are struggling to survive in bangladesh ages is a warning of a growing health crisis and calling for more midwives knowledge on june reports. during the hottest hour of the day in the world's largest refugee settlement these row hinge a traditional midwives are searching for a woman who needs their help. and sabia begum are two of the one hundred thirty community health care workers who have been recruited by the united nations population fund or un f.p.a. from among the or hinge of residing here in bangladesh. when they find regime who
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already has two children and is about to give birth to a third they explain how they'll assist with her delivery and outline all medical options available he. tells me she had no idea care like this was possible. i didn't get to see any doctor recently and the doctors there are buddhist they wouldn't treat us because we are muslim in another part of the camp these newborns and their mothers are being looked after in a facility run by un f.p.a. . a novel experience for a population of refugees harboring largely conservative attitudes toward reproductive health. one of the biggest challenges has been trying to convince or hinge a women here to voluntarily go to clinics and that's because of the unrelenting persecution they faced in me and more it's left many of them distrustful and fearful of medical facilities like this one since august two thousand and seventeen
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saudia bag has come to the aid of numerous really enjoy women subjected to extreme physical psychological and sexual violence by members of me and mars military as plainly and painfully as she can she explains why the women she helps are so fearful. of these women are always scared that the doctors will kill their babies despite the obstacles aid workers say providing services that aim to ensure not just safer pregnancies and childbirth but also options for family planning are already having an impact and we've seen a rare increase in the number of women in. iraq to have for a long acting contraceptives also saying a big increase in the number of men who have been supportive of their wives during the night a lot of women have decided that they've had enough children. and they want to get
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on with their lives learning skills and don't have any. down another alleyway rosea and saudia locate a refugee pregnant with her first child. dispensing wisdom to the anxious mother to be they do what they can to provide a kind of comfort this woman has never known so. long refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh. time visiting a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera france's military chief says his country is prepared to strike syria if the damascus government uses chemical weapons the syrian government and its allies are widely expected to launch an offensive to retake rebel held edley province in the coming days white workers at a south african petrochemical firm are on strike around three thousand employees at sasol sikandar plant around happy that black workers have exclusively been offered
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company shares south african law requires firms to meet quotas on black ownership and employment a protest has been held in the yemeni city of ties ahead of friday's un led peace talks to end the country's three year war the protest says urging the warring parties in geneva to address the plight of thais residents who've been living under siege for years. but that's our journey even before the start of the geneva talks to who claim they have the right to control and govern yemen their claim is rotten and puts pressure on the international community to deal with them what kind of peace can we have with such a group that does not believe in the rights of other people. the death toll is rising after a powerful earthquake in northern japanese island of hokkaido the six point seven magnitude quake struck in the early hours of the say sending items tumbling off shelves and leaving cracks in roads on the island's main city of sapporo no tsunami
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warning was issued. south sudanese soldiers have been sentenced to prison for the rape of five aid workers in the murder of a journalist in two of the sixteen a military court handed sentences ranging from four years to life for an attack on the terrain hotel in the capital juba the government will also pay compensation to the victims a curfews being imposed in the biggest port city of southern iraq to try to soften to government protests at least nine protesters embarrass or have died in confrontations with the security forces within the last forty eight hours protesters block the entrance to browse for a cause which is vital for oil exports north korea's leader has told south korean diplomats he has faith in donald trump and wants to get rid of nuclear weapons before his first term ends and the reason in pyongyang kim jong un has agreed to a third summit with south korea's president later this month right coming up next here at al-jazeera it's inside story.
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if you criticize israel or the jewish people are you a racist anti-semitic it's more the ok's labor leader jeremy call been under pressure is the fuse the route for now but the question remains what exactly does the semitism mean this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. the definition of a system it isn't has long been a dividing topic it's commonly used to describe hostility to words or discrimination against jews as a religious or racial group but what's considered discriminative is disputed thirty one countries have a doctor the definition by the international holocaust when members of alliance. a it includes eleven examples of anticipated behavior not everyone agrees on them and the shoe has engulfed the u.k.'s labor party in iraq for months its leader jeremy corbyn has been accused of holding anti semitic views on tuesday he bowed under mounting pressure to adopt the full definition of a but with a coffee at laws leigh reports. can you say what he wants to about israel without being accused of hating jews these people who support jeremy colvin believe it is entirely legitimate to condemn israel as institutionally racist. without being
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cautious as races themselves we need to proceed you know i mean this is a party that can become the party of government and we can discuss matters of foreign policy the rights of the palestinians to their own self-determination they the suffering that the palestinians are experiencing at the hands of israel we can discuss that in the labor party because it will be defined as anti semitic. jericho god but these british jews friends of israel said that his bigotry fascism and even the jewish people at the moment everybody i know is considering leaving the country young people are leaving the country i know loads of young people in that twenty's have gone to israel and you know jeremy corbin looks if he's going to become a prime minister you will see a stream of jewish people leaving the united kingdom that has to be terrible. of
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the whole of it was labour's refusal to accept several examples of anti semitic language and views as defined by the international holocaust remembrance alliance or i h r a it is deemed anti semitic to say for instance the jews are more loyal to israel than their own country or that the state of israel is by definition racists or that israeli government policy is like those of nazi germany colvin and his supporters have claimed this prevented them from properly criticizing israel's actions towards the palestinian people. under huge pressure to adopt the i.h.r. a code the policy executive finally did but also reserve the right to criticize israel even the deputy party leader didn't seem convinced or somebody said that the first rail is a racist endeavor now will they be disciplined by the labor party look the the cabbie i said what he says you could make your own mind up critics will accuse the labor party of trying to play with words in this supposed compromise what is the difference between criticizing israel and expressing support for the palestinians
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and court. sizing israel's actions towards the palestinians one might not be anti-semitic one might be open to interpretation and certainly it is not the unequivocal backing of the anti semitism codes that many labor politicians have been demanding thanks to the danger in this for cool thing is that in trying to keep his political party happy he will have upset his grassroots supporters who want to say what they like to see about israel this decision may not have cleared up anything more recently al jazeera london. let's bring in our panel joining us in london we have emma force the national organizer of the students' bias program attender jackson society sarah glynn join us from dunn de scotland via skype she is a member of the scottish jews against zionism and from tel aviv gideon levy
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a calmness with haaretz welcome to the program emma how significant is the labor party's vote well i think that it is significant i think it's thirty disappointing that the i actually are a definition of anti semitism couldn't be adopted in full i think the criticisms of the definition are wildly unfounded. i think that whilst this could be seen as a step in the right direction i think through the sort of cavity ads that jeremy corbyn wanted to put forward in addition to the definition has sort of undermined the entire process and again has sort of stuck it to the jewish community and told them that he actually doesn't care about them and then science said sarah would this help the party in move beyond the and to submit is of
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controversy that has been going on for quite some time i don't think anything that could be done now is going to any concession to what's essentially bullying designed to get rid of all i left has to do. what they see in its weaknesses and they're going to push further i think it was interesting that your previous speaker talked about process because i don't think it's anything to do with anti-semitism. it is a proto saying all. that willing if it wasn't anti-semitism to be something else gideon we seem to be having now some sort of. mixed reactions was the those by labor party how do you see it. i think that the israeli propaganda and the jewish community are mixing the liberals to the between genuine criticism about israel
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about zionism about the occupation and anti semitic isn't and they're doing saw it's not new is there all the weapon of israel to paralyze any kind of criticism about is an order of patients that is i think that this will continue because it is very efficient because it did paralyze many israeli critics in the world believe labeling them as n.t. semites is no reason anna you said that it's fine with adopting the i it's a definition but no to the car vs particular the one which talks about freedom of expression when it comes to israel and the support for the rights of the policy is why should you be concerned we plainly says that this should not prompt us from saying things for what what they are. i think essentially by caviar
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saying that the irish are a definition with this little phrase about freedom of speech inherently just says that what the definition does for have that freedom of speech and criticism of the israeli government and israeli policy and that is not what the definition does and the idea that the protection of jewish the jewish community is in any way to do with the occupation or to do with people having the right to speak out. and protest campaign against the israeli government is absurd and i think that it's really undermining to put this on necessary kavya at the end of the definition of racism and i think it shows a complete disregard for the concerns of the jewish community center how do you respond to the growing criticism that we've seen over the last year. by vigilance
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community in the u.k. about the saying that they were basically undermining the very basic tenets of the jewish community. well. there is an irish community there are many jewish communities and there are many get through here is from within you yes and actually the essence of it because there are suggestions in. examples that go with the definition doesn't do conflate zionism with judaism and not told you is the point i mean of course not all scientific theories either. everybody interesting example your career you speak of china as well examples about criticising its ready government long it doesn't allow for criticism . the idea at all scientists and of the scientists and of the state civic.
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one ethnic or religious group in front of. mr levy carbons political career has never been an easy one now after this vote this is this something which with positions him as the uncontested leader of the left in the u.k. absolutely and try to be so and therefore i think people of conscious leftist and people of conscience people who care about human rights people talking about just these especially in the middle east should cross the fingers and the whole that he would be one day very soon hopefully the next prime minister of the united kingdom because he really presents something else and he needed presents a real hope when hope is sorer in this part of the world i think that someone who would talk in a different language and tire different languages in the language of being
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conscious in english of justice of equality this language we have missing here in the middle east so much and if the. this will happen i think it's almost miracle is it really really hoping that this will happen and many supporters of the labor party in particular say the reason why you and many other people criticize him criticize his legacy of the whole and to submit his own thing is because the man has been staunchly defending the bites of the palestinians store sizing israel's politics yeah i would just like to say that i've really dispute the fact that the jewish community expressing concern over a hatred towards them somehow disregards their. concern and compassion towards the palestinians towards any other type of group or conflict this definition is entirely about racism towards the jewish community and is not about
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lack of compassion towards a conflict or any other type of. or any type other type of issue goes on and again i think the idea that the corbin because he covers a lot of the anti semitic stances or associates that he is how did the past as purpose to me and activism is appalling and i think we would need to distinguish this fact the reason why the jewish community are very concerned with corbin's actions is not towards the fact that he's showing support for the palestinians and their struggle which we many jews feel too but it's his associates it's the hosting of of anti semites it's his support for terrorist groups with genocidal intent towards the jewish community and it is it is these things that are really way to concerning not any type of.


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